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The Email of Everything

If you would like to contact The Museum of Everything or receive our irregular updates of screenings and happenings, please click here or simply enter your email in the box below:

The Artists of Everything

If you know of art for the museum’s collection, or if you are an artist whose work might fit in, please click here.

The Collectors of Everything

If you are a collector looking for art by the artists in the museum, or if you just want to know where to buy this sort of thing, please click here.

The Shop of Everything

And if you just want to buy some sensational cut-price merchandise from our shop, please click here.

The Address of Everything

To send us a letter, some images of artworks, or to mail us a cheque to help support our activities, please write to:

The Museum of Everything
PO Box 6095
London W1A 7EL
Great Britain