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The Museum of Everything is the world's only travelling museum for undiscovered, unintentional and untrained artists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Since 2009 over 350,000 people have visited our installations in London, Turin and Moscow, including Tate Modern, the Agnelli Museum, Selfridges and Garage Center of Contemporary Culture.

The Museum of Everything works with the world's foremost artists, curators and thinkers, has published a series of award-winning books, produced films and created its own successful retail brand.

The Museum of Everything actively promotes its artists as an exhibitor and an archive. Current shows featuring museum artists include Judith Scott at Reina Sophia and Morton Bartlett at Hamburger Bahnhof.

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During the summer of 2012, The Museum of Everything trekked across Russia searching for artists for Exhibition #5, the country’s first and largest survey of contemporary, self-taught, non-traditional art.

Our journey started in Yekaterinberg and continued to Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg and Gorky Park in Moscow, where our quest for untrained, undiscovered and unintentional artists continued.

In every city we visited, we met artists and curated a local show featuring their artworks. To see Exhibition #5 in action on the road, check out one of the movies below or visit our blog here.

The final show opened in April 2013 at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Gorky Park, Moscow, and features many of our discoveries, plus an outstanding group of historic self-taught Russian artists.

Touchdown in the land of our forefathers, who wrap us in a bear-hug of Ural expression. Eyes open, back straight, deep breath, now play:

Exhibition #5: The Yekaterinbourg Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

A tender ode to Tartarstan, that wondrous region where cultures collide. Sit back, grab a leg of rotisserie chicken and click play:

Exhibition #5: The Kazan Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

Inside the mighty Kremlin of this secure enclave, an army of makers emerge to bedazzle the museum. Succumb to the falling leaves and play:

Exhibition #5: The Nizhny Novgorod Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

When the island of New Holland opened its mighty gates, throngs of gifted givers flooded within. Let them light up your life and play:

Exhibition #5: The St Petersburg Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012


In 2011 The Museum of Everything alighted at Selfridges, Europe's premier department store, for Exhibition #4 - the first global survey of studios for self-taught artists with learning disabilities.

Occupying all the windows on Oxford Street and much of the store itself, Exhibition #4 featured hundreds of artworks in a 4,000m2 installation, Britain's first retrospective of self-taught artist, Judith Scott, contributions from artists Cindy Sherman, Antony Gormley and David Byrne and an all-singing all-dancing incarnation of The Shop of Everything.

Exhibition #4 welcomed 100,000 visitors and was nominated for four prestigious IDCA awards, beating out lightweights like MoMA , the Guggenheim and the British Museum to scoop Best Retail Design 2012.

Below some films about some of our lovely artists. There's much more to see if you visit our movie page for the show, simply by clicking here:

Exhibition #4: The Atelier Goldstein Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

Exhibition #4: The CEC La Hesse Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

To discover more incredible artists from Exhibition #4, click here.

To check out Exhibition #4D, a very vivacious virtual version of Exhibition #4, please click here.

To own a copy of Everything #4, a hefty volume featuring the artists in the show, plus interviews with Cindy Sherman, Sir Ken Robinson, Adam Phillips, Massimiliano Gioni, David Byrne and many more, click here.

To view the knock-out ten minute film of Judith Scott's life and work on BBC2's Culture Show for Frieze 2012, click here or play below:

Exhibition #4.1: BBC2 Culture Show’s Judith Scott Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012


Legendary artist Sir Peter Blake co-curated The Museum of Everything's third show with self-taught, folk and circus art from his own private collection, which went on to form the largest installation ever created by the octogenarian Godfather of Pop.

Exhibition #3 included contributions from artist Damien Hirst, musician Jarvis Cocker and Joby Carter of the world famous Carters Steam Fair. Highlights included Walter Potter's The Museum of Curiosity and the miniature fairgrounds of farmer Arthur Windley. The show was visited by 50,000 people and voted Best of 2010 by The Spectator.

To watch a cracking little movie of Sir Peter Blake and Exhibition #3, click here or play below to see our Arthur Windley finale:

Exhibition #3: The BBC Arthur Windley Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

To peek through the circus tent of Exhibition #3, please click here.

To slip into the uber-chic campaign created by legendary Italian outfitters Missoni inside Exhibition #3, please click here.

To own a personal copy of Everything #3, a delightful compendium of found objects and discovered artworks narrated by Sir Peter Blake alongside Damien Hirst and Jarvis Cocker, please click here.


The Museum of Everything's second show was presented at Tate Modern, London's most prestigious contemporary art museum, as part of No Soul for Sale, a festival of independent curation organised by artist Maurizio Cattelan and curators Massimiliano Gioni and Cecilia Alemani.

Exhibition #2 featured over 200 works by newly discovered artists from across Britain, selected by leading artists and curators, including designer Ron Arad, museum director Iwona Blazwick OBE, curators Michael Morris and James Lingwood of Artangel and artist Charles Avery.

To see the Exhibition #2 groovy Ethio-movie, please click here or press play below:

Exhibition #2: The Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

To find out more about the Exhibition #2 artists, please click here.

To buy your very own copy of Everything #2, that lovely novella featuring all our colourful discoveries, please click here.


The Museum of Everything opened in London in 2009, with 500 works by self-taught artists like Henry Darger, Nek Chand, James Castle and Guo Fengyi curated by contemporary artists like Grayson Perry, Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, Christian Boltanski and Nick Cave.

With over 35,000 visitors, Exhibition #1 was critically acclaimed throughout the press and voted Best of 2009 in Time Out and ArtForum.

In 2010 Exhibition #1 travelled to the Agnelli Museum in Italy, where it was co-curated by Paolo Colombo, featured contributions by Maurizio Cattelan, Francesco Vezzoli and Paula Rego and welcomed 25,000 visitors.

To watch the rock 'n' roll movie of Exhibition #1, please click here or press play below:

Exhibition #1: The Movie of Everything
The Museum of Everything (c) 2012

To find out what all the hoo-ha is about, visit Exhibition #1 here.

To buy your very own copy of Everything #1, a much-imitated and limited-edition hardback with all the art in glorious colour, please click here.


In 2009, the museum opened its very first The Shop of Everything as a space for all things creatively connected to The Museum of Everything.

Originally conceived to sell our limited edition books and catalogues, featuring the artists we curate and contributions from the likes of Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst, Ed Ruscha and many more, the aim was to raise funds to help support the museum's global activities.

Since then, The Shop of Everything has grown to become one of the most celebrated museum shops in Europe, collaborating with designers like Missoni and Clements Ribeiro ... and thereby scooping Best Retail Design at the prestigious IDCA Museum Awards 2012.

At The Shop of Everything you can find bespoke homeware, digital pigment prints, creative stationery and womenswear by Clements Ribeiro, featuring the webtastic designer pants beloved of R+B superstar Beyonce, plus our classic limited edition books and catalogues and much more.

To visit The Shop of Everything, click here or go to


The Workshops of Everything is a unique charity initiative for studios, workshops and ateliers for self-taught artists with disabilities.

At The Workshops of Everything, you can discover artists and buy art directly from their studios. Any workshop in the world can join for free and reach a global network of collectors, galleries and museums.

To find out more, visit or click here for artists, here for workshops and here to find out about works for sale.

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